Levine & Associates offers consulting services to assist your organization with services tailored
specifically to your individual needs. 

Managing or consulting for long term care organizations is my occupation, passion, and expertise.
My professional involvement with a variety of long term care clients using our services in a variety of
different ways speaks to the broad range of experiences and skills available.

Mr. Levine has prior experience and offers consultative services in the following areas:

    Preparing for joint commission accreditation
    Establishing new nursing homes, assisted living, including license process and CMS approval 
    Operational and financial reviews
    Needs assessment and related community service planning
    Market analysis
    Strategic planning
    Staffing analysis
    Wage and salary studies
    Mock surveys
    Back to compliance management services and regulatory compliance
    Culture change
    IDR support
    Survey compliance

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Management Consultation for skilled nursing homes
and the entire senior care continuum
Phone: (904) 703-4100 | Fax: (206) 338-3615
Email: MAL99@cornell.edu

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