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•    Evaluate medical and administrative records to determine deviation or adherence to long-term care
•    Determine if licensed administrator incorporated and monitored effective operational systems to
     minimize risk
•    Determine whether licensed administrator's action were consistent with management's standards
     of practice
•    Evaluate appropriateness and regulatory compliance with mandated staff education
•    Evaluate whether existing clinical systems are supportive of favorable clinical outcomes
•    Determine compliance with OBRA regulatory doctrines
•    Assess “significance” of state and federal regulatory deficiencies (deficiencies
     defined by scope and severity)
•    Research historical regulatory compliance
•    Evaluate safety protocols; determine whether appropriate and timely risk management
     interventions were applied
•    Evaluate adherence to regulatory compliance with physical and chemical
•    Determine if life safety codes and building safety devices were used appropriately
•    Prepare and/or submit written opinions and reports
•    Evaluate appropriateness of each licensed professional’s scope of practice
•    Evaluate case strengths and weaknesses

Description of Services
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