The 2005 amendments to the Bankruptcy Code created the Patient Care
Ombudsman, a new position created in healthcare bankruptcies.

The United States Trustee appoints the Ombudsman, who, like other professionals,
must be a disinterested person. The ombudsman is responsible for monitoring the
quality of patient care and representing the interest of the patients of the healthcare
debtor, including interviewing patients and physicians.

Mr. Levine has prior experience working as a Patient Care
Ombudsman and can provide operational experience dealing
with quality of care and delivery issues for their clients. He has
worked with counsel to evaluate and report on the quality of care.
He works diligently to objectively evaluate care and make certain
that resident rights are preserved. Utilizing his vast knowledge in
the field, Mr. Levine strives to develop strategies that are
financially sound while assuring patient care remains at the
highest possible level.

Mr. Levine believes strongly in his role as the advocate for the resident. He brings
practical, business knowledge to the senior care field. His prior experiences as
part of a Patient Care Ombudsman team means that he can bring value to process
and work in the spirit of cooperation with other interested parties to make sure that
residents, who may be deeply affected by bankruptcy proceeding, can continue to
receive optimum care.

Court Appointed Patient Care Ombudsman
Phone: (904) 703-4100 | Fax: (206) 338-3615

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